Doomni Estate, Assam, Post 2nd Flush 2017

Doomni Estate, Assam, Post 2nd Flush 2017

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Harvest Month: August 2017

Type: White tea

Region: Assam, India

Estate: Doomni

Production: Orthodox

Grade: White peony


Located at zero elevation in the Baksa district of Assam, Doomni is a nature lover's paradise, with the famous Manas national park in close proximity. The estate itself spans over 1,000 hectares of land.

When one thinks of Assam teas, more often than not, images of malty, full bodied, Second Flush teas with generous sprinklings of golden buds flood the mind. And while Doomni has the expertise to produce this very kind of tea, it has extended its offerings beyond the prototypical Assam tea. 

As India expands its foray into white tea production, tea gardens like Doomni are beginning to make a name for themselves with offerings like this special August production of white peony tea.

Suggested steeping

2.5 gms (approx. 2.0 tsp) per 6 oz of filtered water, steep for 2-3 mins at 176 F/80 C.

Vary leaf quantity, brewing time, and temperature per individual preferences.

Appearance, aroma, and taste

Bright yellow liquor, pleasing sweet aroma, light texture with lingering sweetness and no astringency. 

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