Fatikcherra Estate, Tripura, Autumn Flush 2017

Fatikcherra Estate, Tripura, Autumn Flush 2017

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Harvest Month: November 2017

Type: Green tea (organically produced)

Region: Tripura, India

Estate: Fatikcherra

Production: Orthodox



Fatikcherra was the first estate in Tripura to produce organic tea in 1998. The estate itself is surrounded by dense forests of tropical trees, including teak, sal, and bamboo. The area experiences heavy rainfall, especially between June and September (the Monsoon season).

The tea industry in this eastern state of India was started by the people of East Bengal. Tripura is the 5th largest tea producing state in India, after Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

This smooth and minimally astringent green tea is perfect hot and iced.

Suggested steeping

2.5 gms (approx. 1.5 tsp) per 6 oz of filtered water, steep for 2-3 mins at 185 F/85 C.

Vary leaf quantity, brewing time, and temperature per individual preferences.

Appearance, aroma, and taste

Clean liquor, with a savory aroma of cooked greens, and robust notes of vegetable broth

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