Halmari Estate, Assam, 2nd Flush 2018

Halmari Estate, Assam, 2nd Flush 2018

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Harvest Month: June 2018

Type: Black tea

Region: Assam, India

Estate: Halmari

Production: Orthodox

Grade: GTGFOP1 Clonal


Located in the Moran Belt on the rich, fertile plains of Upper Assam, above the Brahmaputra river, Halmari's consistent commitment to producing quality Assam teas has rendered it one of the best tea estates in the world. By their own admission, production of top quality tea didn't commence until the 1980s. Since then, Halmari has rightly earned the title of top producer in Assam.

The limited production GTGFOP1 grade tea is an award winning, pure, Orthodox tea with an abundance of chunky, golden tips. An iconic tea with global appeal!     

Suggested steeping

2.5 gms (approx. 2 tsp) per 6 oz of filtered water, steep for 3-5 mins at 200 F/93 C.

Vary leaf quantity, brewing time, and temperature per individual preferences. Goes well with a splash of milk.

Appearance, aroma, and taste

Bright ruby liquor, notes of caramel, delicious malty flavor. 

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