Sakhira Estate, Nepal, First Flush 2017

Sakhira Estate, Nepal, First Flush 2017


Harvest Month: April 2017

Type: Black tea

Region: Nepal

Estate: Sakhira

Production: Orthodox

Grade: SFTGFOP1 (Tippy)


Known worldwide as home to some of the largest mountains in the world, including Mt. Everest, Nepal is an underrated tea producing nation that has started to gain some prominence among discerning tea drinkers. Nepal is comprised of 75 districts, one of which is Ilam. Ilam is located in the Mechi Zone in the easternmost part of Nepal. It borders the Darjeeling region of India, which affords it very similar soil and climatic conditions.

Approximately 12 miles from the Ilam bazaar lies the Sakhira Garden. Named for its location (Sakhejung Hill Range) this estate is relatively young, founded in 2000 by the collective efforts of a group of small farmers. The production facilities reside at 4,000 ft. while the plantations that provide tea to the factory are perched at an altitude of 6,000 ft. 

With a singular focus on harvesting only the highest quality black Orthodox teas, the produce of Sakhira is poised to give the vaunted Darjeeling teas a run for their money! 

Suggested steeping

2.5 gms (approx. 1.5 tsp) per 6 oz of filtered water, steep for 3-4 mins at 203 F/95 C.

Vary leaf quantity, brewing time, and temperature per individual preferences.

Appearance, aroma, and taste

Golden-yellow liquor, fragrant with pronounced floral notes, smooth taste. 

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