Thurbo Estate, Darjeeling, 1st Flush 2017

Thurbo Estate, Darjeeling, 1st Flush 2017

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Harvest Month: April 2017

Type: Black tea

Region: Darjeeling, India

Estate: Thurbo

Production: Orthodox

Grade: FTGFOP1 (China Special Delight)


Thurbo has flourished in the idyllic Mirik Valley in Darjeeling since 1872. The combination of premium China and Assam hybrids, strewn across the almost 450 hectares of growing area, with the indigenous varietal, results in a remarkable tea with unique character. Coupled with the typical climate of a hilly area - cooler temperature and diffused sunlight - the result is truly unparalleled.

Suggested steeping

2.5 gms (approx. 2 tsp) per 6 oz of filtered water, steep for 3-4 mins at 195 F/90 C.

Vary leaf quantity, brewing time, and temperature per individual preferences.

Appearance, aroma, and taste

Light golden liquor, sweet aroma, with a smooth, balanced, fruity floral flavor.

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