Yatra 2017 Sampler

Yatra 2017 Sampler

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The Yatra 2017 Sampler is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with our selection of fresh, single origin, premium grade, loose leaf teas. Spanning the First, Second, Post Second Flush, and Autumnal seasons, we bring you a taste of some of the iconic estates in India and Nepal. 

The sampler includes 10 gms (approx. 4 cups) of each tea. A great introduction to the rich tradition of Indian and Nepali teas!

The following estates are included in the sampler:

  • Khongea, Assam - Black Tea, TGFOP (Post 2nd Flush, August)

  • Doomni, Assam - White Tea, White Peony (Post 2nd Flush, August)

  • Thurbo, Darjeeling - Black Tea, FTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Goomtee, Darjeeling - Black Tea, FTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Sakhira, Nepal - Black Tea, SFTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Fatikcherra, Tripura - Green Tea, GSFTGFOP1 (Autumn Flush, November)

  • Glendale, Nilgiri - Black Tea, SFTGFOP (1st Flush, April)

  • Craigmore, Nilgiri - Black Tea, OP SUP (1st Flush, April)

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