Yatra 2018 Sampler

Yatra 2018 Sampler


The Yatra 2018 Sampler consists of 9 teas from Nepal, Darjeeling, the Dooars, and Assam. Spanning the First and Second Flush of the year, there is a tea for every mood and palate! 

The sampler includes 10 gms (approx. 4 cups) of each tea. The perfect way to experience new season teas from India and Nepal!

The following estates are included in the sampler:

  • Castleton, Darjeeling - White Tea, FTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Castleton, Darjeeling - OolongTea, FTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Singbulli, Darjeeling - Black Tea, SFTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Puttabong, Darjeeling - Black Tea, SFTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Glenburn, Darjeeling - Green Tea, GFTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Sakhira, Nepal - Black Tea, SFTGFOP1 (1st Flush, April)

  • Himalayan Bliss, Nepal - Green Tea, Green special (1st Flush, April)

  • Nuxalbari, Dooars - Green Tea, FTGFOP1S (1st Flush, April)

  • Marangi, Assam - Black Tea, TGFOP1 (2nd Flush, May)

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